Lower Chesapeake Bay - Tangier Sound Fishing & Hunting Parties

Captain Harry Kingfish II

Life as a Captain's Wife

written by Harry's Wife

365 days a year, there are conversations about fish, fishing, lures, where to go fish, etc.

On his rare days off, Harry wants to go fishing (or other outdoor sports). With the hours he spends on charters, you would think he'd want to sit down and chill, but the fishing is in his blood. Our last "vacation" two summers ago was aboard Kingfish II to Cape Charles, Virginia – the man got me up at 4 am to go fishing. Since my "hotel" was Kingfish II I had little say in the matter! Harry is one of the hardest working driven souls I've ever met.

Behind the Scenes

As Harry's wife I see the year round preparations - gear maintenance, boat maintenance, research of what fish are running where, even if it's not season. Most winter weekends he's off making bucktail lures, re-rigging for Spring season, researching and of course talking about fishing.

During season, most of his waking hours off the boat Harry is working late into the night studying weather, tides, fish migration, scheduling and talking with the next party going over bait needs. Years from now Harry's enthusiasm, drive and passion for making sure those who fish with us have an excellent time will probably be even more intense, if that is possible.

From myself and Harry, our deepest gratitude to those of you who return yearly and recommend us to others.

Should you choose to fish with us, know you are in the hands of a dedicated talented Captain whose priority one is ensuring your party enjoys great fishing, great fun and great memories.